NatureBright Drug Free Acne Treatment

NatureBright is a drug and chemical-free acne treatment. NatureBright uses blue and red lights to combat existing acne.

When porphyrins (released by P. acnes) are exposed to the blue light, the wavelenghts produce free radicals that eliminate the bacteria. With the absence of P. acnes, your acne clears up.

The red light aids in healing by purifying the air from stresses that can aggravate your skin.

NatureBright overview:

1. Clinical-proven 435nm blue light kills bacteria and 660 nm red light heals wounds.
2. High-density ionizer purifies air and helps alleviate stress that may aggravate the acne conditions.
3. Helps get rid of acne, spots, pimples and zits.
4. Has no side effects such as seen when antibiotic tablets or other drugs are given for the acne treatment.
5. Includes timer, automatic turn-off, goggles and handle for easy portability

The NatureBright Light Treatment costs: $159.95


Vilantae All Natural Acne Treatment

Vilantae is a 100% all natural acne treatment. Vilantae controls acne by preventing excess skin oil from being released. Compared to Accutane, Vilantae is 100% natural and has far less side effects than Accutane.

Vilantae product overview:

1. Stops excess skin oil from being released.
2. Second to Accutane in effectiveness, with less side effects.
3. Bottle contains 400 capsules.
4. Prevents back, chest, and shoulder acne.
5. 100% all natural.
6. Reduces pore size.

Vilantae Acne Treatment cost: $39.95


Clearogen Acne Treatment

Clearogen inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT which reduces excessive oil production, this allows your pores to stay unclog, where bacteria can grow and cause pimples.

By blocking the androgen receptors, Clearogen successfully prevents over stimulation of your oil glands.

Clearogen is an over-the-counter acne treatment that treats existing acne and prevents acne from forming by reducing the amount of oil your skin produces, leaving your pores clear from bacteria that can cause your face to break out with pimples.

Clearogen 2 month supply cost: $69.00


Zeno Acne Treatment

Zeno works by applying controlled heat over your pimple for 2 1/2 minutes 2-3 times spread out over a 24 hour period. Zeno treatments are painless and the heat will cause the bacteria to "self-destruct," making the pimple go away.

The Zeno acne treatment device will set you back $225.00 with 90 treatment cycle tip replacement for $35.00.

Here is a demonstration of what The Zeno acne treatment can accomplish in a 24 hour period:


Antibiotics For Acne May Increase Risk Of Common Illness

American Medical Associaton has reported that individuals who are taking antibiotics for acne are more inclined to get common illnesses. Studies have shown that individuals who have been taking antibiotics for acne are more than twice as likely to develop upper respitory tract infection within a year as to those individuals who are not taking antibiotics for there acne. -docguide

Where do we as acne sufferrers draw a line to undergo antibiotic intake for treatment of our acne, at the expense of our health? I am stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. I know our health should be top priority above all else, but who I am to say that when I know that there are people out there that suffer such emotional distress that any solution is a good solution even it means taking a hit on their health.

From first hand experience I know that taking a slew of anitbiotics for extended periods of time can cause our bodies to lower its immunity, when do you draw the line, do you stop yourself, or do you need a doctor to tell you?

Zenmed Natural Acne Treatment

Zenmed has been featured on Allure, Cosmo, Women's Health, and a bevy of other mainstream magazines. Zenmed treats your exisiting acne inside and out au natural.

Zenmed is a revolutionary 3 step system that will clean, detoxify, and tone your skin.

Their 3 step system consists of a cleanser, capsule, and topical application of acne medication. Zenmed's main ingredient for their topical gel is 2% salicylic acid.

Zenmed capsules contain natural ingredients such as:

neem, chaste tree, forsythia, gardenia, honeysuckle, red dahlia, yellow dock, burdock, dandelion, chamomile, sarsaparilla, milk thistle, schizonepeta, red peony root.

Zenmed Derma Cleanse System cost: $99.95


Proactiv VS. Murad

I have read many reviews on the Proactiv and Murad system, both showing highly skepticle before and after pictures of those who suffer from mild to severe cases of acne. I basically feel its just a battle of advertisment here, with Proactiv going as far as having celebrities vouching their product, and Murad taking the angle of a "less harsh" product.

The two products have a different approach to acne, Proactiv is going with benzoyl peroxide whereas Murad is going with salicylic acid. The Murad system states that the reason for using salicylic acid over benzoyl peroxide is that salicylic acid is less damaging than benzoyl peroxide. By less damaging I am assuming they are talking about the level of dryness, burning, peeling, ect... over benzoyl peroxide. I can attest to this statement, if there is a difference in damaging levels between benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, its so minute the difference is irrelevant in my opinion, for me at least the two ingredients causes the same drying, peeling, and irritating effects.

I have had experience with Proactiv and did not like the results, primarily because just like many other benzoyl peroxide based acne treatment it caused my face to produce excess amounts of oil, my face would be dripping with excess oil by the end of the day. Proactiv also offers a package with oil control, but the oil control doesn't help much, in fact it leaves a very uncomfortable film on my skin making it more irritated.

I have no experiences with the Murad system, however I do know someone who has had some success with it. Even though I know someone in close proximity who has had success with the Murad system I opted not to try for two reasons:

1. My friend who had success with the Murad system had mild acne at best, and did not have oily skin like me.

2. The Murad system is very costly and that was the deal breaker for me. I had to draw a line between my vanity and me practically dumping my hard earned money down the toilet.

I would appreciate if you had any experience with either of these products to place a comment with your experiences, please give reasons as to why you would recommend the product or why you wouldn't. Thank you in advance.

My Acne Regimen

I would like to open our first official post for Acne Oasis with a personal regimen that seems to be working for me.

Who here has been enticed by the media claiming to finally get rid of your acne for good? I, like many others fall to such advertisements because of the desparity to find a solid solution, one that works and not just a short term solution. We place our faith into these products only to realize that the promise that has been made does not work to our expectations, or maybe it just doesn't work for us? Name any acne product from prescription grade, to over the coutner, and I have probably tried it.

Sorry for the long opening, but I feel its necessary for people to understand where I am coming from and why I decided to do the regimen that I do today. I have gone to a dermatologist for approximately 2 years. I was very hopeful to find a solution, I figured its a certified doctor, if anyone can help me its a dermatologist. I could not have been more wrong. To make the long story short, my dermatologist basically prescribed every type of topical medication as well as every type of pills you can think of. I had a incident one night where the room would not stop spinning, and I have never had problems like that before. I figured it was a side effect of the minocyclin, the acne medication I was taking at the time. I consulted my dermatologist, and he basically just said that he would take me off the pills and put me on some other pills. It was at that point where I was fed up with my doctor. I felt he was not interested in my pursuit to find a solution for my acne, rather he was more interested in getting me out of the clinic so I can return later with the same problem so he can bank at my expense.

To say the least, I have stopped going to my dermatologist and have tried a less evasive approach to acne. I have done some research as to the cause of acne, but of course nothing is set in stone when it comes to acne. Through my personal experiences, I was tired of how acne medication was so harsh to my skin, it always felt burnt, or peeling, or every type of skin irratation you can think of. So I decided to cut off all types of acne medicated products, by that I mean anything that contained benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

So with that, here is my acne regimen that seems to work for me.

I have taken a very basic approach to the treatment of my acne. Its a 4 step system that requires very little time and effort, with virtually no irratation at all, for me at least. The products that I use is as follows:

1. A wash cloth, any wash cloth will do.
2. Noxzema face wash, or any face wash that isn't drying, preferably a face wash with moisturizing agents.
3. Aveeno daily moisturizer with spf 15.

Here are the steps I follow 2 times daily:

1. Moisten face with warm water, the warmer the better.
2. Use the wash cloth to gently exfoliate your face, do so in a circular motion with relatively firm pressure.
3. Dry your face off completely with a clean towel.
4. Apply adequate mositurizer to your face, this is important even to those who have oily skin, this is necessary because exfoliation may dry out your skin, so you must return the moisture your skin has lost.

I know what most of you are probably thinking its too simple to possibly work. While I make no claims this will work for anyone, it has helped me clear up to a point where I am happy with myself, and isn't that whats important? Rather than bashing in my regimen, please add your own experiences with what helped you, or what didn't help you.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, the information found on this site is through personal research. If you misuse the information provided by this site, I hold no resposibility for any side effects or injury that you may experience, this is not limited to itching, burning, drying, peeling, and scarring of your skin.

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