Proactiv VS. Murad

I have read many reviews on the Proactiv and Murad system, both showing highly skepticle before and after pictures of those who suffer from mild to severe cases of acne. I basically feel its just a battle of advertisment here, with Proactiv going as far as having celebrities vouching their product, and Murad taking the angle of a "less harsh" product.

The two products have a different approach to acne, Proactiv is going with benzoyl peroxide whereas Murad is going with salicylic acid. The Murad system states that the reason for using salicylic acid over benzoyl peroxide is that salicylic acid is less damaging than benzoyl peroxide. By less damaging I am assuming they are talking about the level of dryness, burning, peeling, ect... over benzoyl peroxide. I can attest to this statement, if there is a difference in damaging levels between benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, its so minute the difference is irrelevant in my opinion, for me at least the two ingredients causes the same drying, peeling, and irritating effects.

I have had experience with Proactiv and did not like the results, primarily because just like many other benzoyl peroxide based acne treatment it caused my face to produce excess amounts of oil, my face would be dripping with excess oil by the end of the day. Proactiv also offers a package with oil control, but the oil control doesn't help much, in fact it leaves a very uncomfortable film on my skin making it more irritated.

I have no experiences with the Murad system, however I do know someone who has had some success with it. Even though I know someone in close proximity who has had success with the Murad system I opted not to try for two reasons:

1. My friend who had success with the Murad system had mild acne at best, and did not have oily skin like me.

2. The Murad system is very costly and that was the deal breaker for me. I had to draw a line between my vanity and me practically dumping my hard earned money down the toilet.

I would appreciate if you had any experience with either of these products to place a comment with your experiences, please give reasons as to why you would recommend the product or why you wouldn't. Thank you in advance.


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