NatureBright Drug Free Acne Treatment

NatureBright is a drug and chemical-free acne treatment. NatureBright uses blue and red lights to combat existing acne.

When porphyrins (released by P. acnes) are exposed to the blue light, the wavelenghts produce free radicals that eliminate the bacteria. With the absence of P. acnes, your acne clears up.

The red light aids in healing by purifying the air from stresses that can aggravate your skin.

NatureBright overview:

1. Clinical-proven 435nm blue light kills bacteria and 660 nm red light heals wounds.
2. High-density ionizer purifies air and helps alleviate stress that may aggravate the acne conditions.
3. Helps get rid of acne, spots, pimples and zits.
4. Has no side effects such as seen when antibiotic tablets or other drugs are given for the acne treatment.
5. Includes timer, automatic turn-off, goggles and handle for easy portability

The NatureBright Light Treatment costs: $159.95


Vilantae All Natural Acne Treatment

Vilantae is a 100% all natural acne treatment. Vilantae controls acne by preventing excess skin oil from being released. Compared to Accutane, Vilantae is 100% natural and has far less side effects than Accutane.

Vilantae product overview:

1. Stops excess skin oil from being released.
2. Second to Accutane in effectiveness, with less side effects.
3. Bottle contains 400 capsules.
4. Prevents back, chest, and shoulder acne.
5. 100% all natural.
6. Reduces pore size.

Vilantae Acne Treatment cost: $39.95


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, the information found on this site is through personal research. If you misuse the information provided by this site, I hold no resposibility for any side effects or injury that you may experience, this is not limited to itching, burning, drying, peeling, and scarring of your skin.

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